List files

List all files of a given folder (or subfolders)

List files matching query all files in given folder


List all files of a given folder (or subfolders). It also provides available meta data for the objects within the chosen folder.

Use cases

  • Get a list of all invoices in the current year's folder
  • Print all files of a print folder


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.


If you enter a single word as search term, all files in the selected folder will be listed that contain the term in the filename.

You can enter more complex queries to list files of a specific types etc.

See the Google Drive documentation for a detailed description of the query syntax.

If you want to track down a file by name that contains spaces, make sure to enter a query like this:

name contains 'My Filename With Spaces.pdf'

Useful combinations

Print all files in a temporary print folder

List files


For each file repeat


Assume you have a folder in Google Drive where everyone can save files that need to be printed. Because several files belong together it does not make sense to print them right away, but to wait until all relevant files are available in the print folder.

To start printing the List Files building block will parse a list of all files currently available in the selected folder. Using a Repeat building block you can choose (optionally filter) the files.

Print documents then prints the given files on a Google Cloud printer.

Print listed document

Printed file

Repeat: Continue with next item

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Last Updated: 9/17/21