Sort your lists

Sort list by attribute


Use this building block to sort your lists. Simply select the attribute that you want to use for sorting.

Use cases

  • Sort your contacts by name
  • Sort invoices from a Google Sheet by country


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.

 Drag a Sort building block from the sidebar into your automation or click on the corresponding icon in the output variable section of the building block that has been used to load the list.

In the Sort List dialog you can pick the list to be sorted and select one ore more sort criteria.

The list will be sorted by the first selected attribute, the primary sort criteria.

If two entries are found where the selected attribute has the same value, the entries will then be sorted by the secondary attributes.

Learn more

Check out the Import contacts guide to learn how to work with our Lists building blocks.

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Last Updated: 27.05.18