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Use cases


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.


Click on the reload icon to scan the template again to track down added or removed variables. If you have renamed your template on Google Drive clicking on this button will also update the document name in Ultradox.


Use the edit icon to edit the template in a new browser tab.


When dragging this block into the flow you can either select an existing spreadsheet from Google Drive or you can create a new one. If you choose to select an existing sheet, a file picker dialog will help you to find the sheet on your Google Drive. Creating a new spreadsheet will open the new sheet in a new browser tab.

After selecting the Google Sheet a dialog will allows you to configure exactly which cells to load. In the dialog you can select the worksheet from your Google Sheet to be loaded. If you want to load cells from multiple worksheets, simply add more building blocks of this kind and select the different worksheets.

The building block shows all the data found in the Google Sheet on the right-hand side. All of these variables will get a green sheet icon. You can find all columns of all worksheets as variables. The three lines on the right of the variable indicate that each variable represents a list of values: they contain the data from all rows for each column.

You can specify the cells to be loaded by delimiting the enumerated cells by , . If you for example want to load the cells A3, B4 and D4 enter them without spaces and separated by comma like this: A3,B4,D4.

Useful combinations

Load settings and parameters from a sheet

Load timesheet


Load settings cell

Settings sheet

Increase invoice counter by 1


Generate invoice from template

PDF invoice

Send invoice to customer if ${sendEmail} = true

PDF invoice
Invoice Email

This example is a short version of the Invoicing from timesheet app. After the current timesheet is loaded the Load cells building block is used to load individual parameters from a settings sheet within the timesheet worksheet. Most importantly the ${sendEmail} variable determines if the generated invoice should be sent to the customer who is billed. Of course you do not want this to happen while you are still working on your sheet and settings but only once everything reached a final state.

In this case also the email address of the customer is loaded from the settings sheet. For your case you can load any value from a cell within a worksheet and perform calculations or checks on the values.

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Last Updated: 10/14/19