Create folder

Create folders based on the contents of your variables

Find or create folder with path not selected in folder given folder


With this building block you can create folders based on the contents of your variables. This block works in the same way as the Find folder building block, but it will create the folder if it cannot be found and stores the ID of the folder in the folderId variable.

Use cases

  • Organize files in appropriate folders


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.

Useful combinations

Find invoices in a folder, create new if not existing

Find folder


Create folder, skip if ${folderId}

Google Drive folder

List files


For each file repeat


Let's say you have a variable called year which holds the name of the folder you want to track down.

You can then search for the folder using invoices/${year} as path of the folder. If the variable contains the value 2015 Ultradox will evaluate the variable so that your file-name becomes invoices/2015.

If Ultradox can find a folder with this name, the id of the folder will be stored in the folderId output variable and can then be used in other building blocks.

In case the folder is not yet existing, so the Find folder building block returned no folderId a new folder for the referring year is created.

Here all files in the selected folder are first listed and then accessed one by one in order to extract some data and to perform further calculations.

Load invoice


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Last Updated: 11/30/18