Structure and debug your flow


If your flow is getting more complex, it is a good idea to add some comments to it. Comments will not only show up as text in the header of the building blocks but will also be printed to the console when running the flow

Use cases

  • Include comments in your flow to improve the readability
  • Use comments to analyze your flow (e.g. check current variable values) as they are printed in the console


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to edit the comment.

Useful combinations

Display variable values in the console

Increase by 1 and reset yearly


Invoice number ${invoiceNumber}

Invoice number 15

Define an invoiceNumber Counter containing the current invoice number. Enter the variable in the description of a Comment block and every time the Comment building block is executed the current counter value is shown in the console.

Learn more

The comment building block is a great way to track down errors in your flow.

Check out the Finding Errors guide for details.

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Last Updated: 15.05.18