Output parameters

Define the provided output variables

Return 0 saved values as 1 output parameters


This building block allows you to define the values returned from your flow.

This is useful when calling your flow either from your own application using a Webhook or from another Ultradox file by using the Subflow building block.

Use cases

  • Return data from your flow when triggered by an integration URL
  • Improve sub-flow performance as only the defined parameters are returned


Click on the bold part in the title of the building block to add or modify your defined output parameters.

Save Save test data

Clicking on the save button will save the entered values. Make sure to always click on the save button after entering of changing the test data.

Clear Clear test data

Clicking on the clear button will erase the value of all entered test data at once.

Defining output parameters works just in the same way as creating a form.

Learn more

Go to Subflow building block examples.

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Last Updated: 16.05.18