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The form building block is one of the most powerful building blocks.

You can assemble forms from different question types just like in Google Forms.

You can use it to enter user facing forms or to enter values for variables that you want to use.

Use cases

  • Populate or create variables
  • Enter fixed values, templates or JavaScript expressions
  • Show the form to users of your app and wait for input
  • Create a survey by embedding a form into an email
  • Generate fillable PDF documents by rendering the form


Click on the bold text in the description to customize the form. Add form fields by clicking on the icons reflecting the different question types in the bottom toolbar.

You can read more about how to create and use forms in the Forms guide.

 Record responses

Form submissions can easily be stored to Google Sheets. Click on the edit link to edit the record responses.

Save Save test data

Clicking on the save button will save the entered values. Make sure to always click on the save button after entering of changing the test data.

Clear Clear test data

Clicking on the clear button will erase the value of all entered test data at once.

Learn more

Check out the Your first form guide to learn how to build a form with Ultradox.

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Last Updated: 10.08.18