Pause your flow

Set timer My Timer and wait until 9/19/16, 12:34 PM


Ultradox comes with a great and unique feature that allows to suspend your flow and continue at a later point in time. You may pause and resume the execution when the specified delay has passed or the fixed date has come.

Use cases

  • Build advanced mailing campaigns
  • Schedule automated follow-up mailings
  • Delay any flow by a certain date/time


Click on the bold part in the title of the building block to configure the timer.

You can specify the name, delay or fixed date when the timer should fire off.


You can view, run or delete timers manually by clicking on the timer button. This will show you all the timers that have been scheduled.

Select one or more timers to run or delete them manually. You can use the Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple timers.

Useful combinations

Follow-up email campaign

Welcome email


Wait for 7 days

Follow-up email


After a new customer registration you may send out a first email to welcome the new user.

In order to retain the customer you may automatically schedule a follow-up conversation. Include a Time building block in your flow and the automatic follow-up email can be delayed by any intended period.

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Automated birthday emails

Receive customer input


Move variable to dateTime


Birthday scheduler


Happy birthday email


Use any date variable to schedule an automatic email for the given date (and time). In this example the customer information is entered in a Form building block. The given birthday is then moved to the dateTime variable which is used as the default input for the Timer building block.

The flow will continue as soon as the date in the specified dateTime variable is reached.

This works for birthdays and emails (as in this example) but also makes very much sense for deadlines and submissions, to schedule data transmissions or to trigger workflows at given dates.

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Learn more

You can create a timer based on a date stored in a variable by using the input parameters. These input parameters will also enable you to create more sophisticated use-cases like creating a timer that will fire some minutes, hours or days before or after a specific date.

Create a form for your timer by clicking on the keyboard icon in the input parameter section. You can then enter fixed values or even variables into the text boxes to configure your timer.

Make sure to enter a date format into the text box in one of the date formats that Ultradox understands, e.g. 10/20/2015 10:15:00

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Last Updated: 28.11.17