Update contact

Update fields of an existing contact

Update one contact called the given contact


Use cases

  • Allow customers to edit their contact info
  • Set company info for all contacts in a group
  • Update job title when company position changes


Use the bold part in the title of the building block to select the contact group from which the contact(s) should be removed.


Use the edit icon to edit the template in a new browser tab.

The input variables of this building block will be used when creating the contact.

Click on the form icon in the input parameter section if you want to enter the data for the new contact manually.

Useful combinations

Create contact when user submits a form

On form submit


Update contact


You can use the data that your users have entered into a form to lookup the contact by email. Just make sure to use the name query for the variable that captures the email.

You can then update the matching contact using the other questions from the submitted form.

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Last Updated: 11/28/17