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Repeat: Continue with next item

The Repeat building blocks lets you perform actions on each item in a loaded list. No matter if you have loaded rows from a Google Sheet or Google Contacts from a contact group in GMail, the repeat block allows you to execute a sequence of building blocks for each item in the list

Use cases

  • Send out a mailing to all contacts in a group
  • Generate a report for each row of a worksheet
  • Share and send all files in a Google Drive folder


Click on the bold part in the title of the building block to configure the number of blocks to be repeated for each item of the selected list. Please note that you'll have to adjust the number of blocks to be repeated whenever you insert or remove some of the repeated blocks.


If the structure of the list that you are loading has changed (e.g. if you are loading a worksheet and you have added or removed columns) you can hit the reload button to update the variables.

Useful combinations

Send emails to reach row (e.g. customer) of a worksheet

By using the Load worksheet building block you will load a worksheet containing all customers. The variables are available within the referring list - here for example

The Repeat building block applies each step contained under the repeat block to all parsed items of the list. Within the repeat block the variables are converted to simple variables (e.g. email).

Load worksheet


For each recipient repeat (2 Blocks)

For each item a personalized HTML document is generated from a template.

The generated document is then sent to the recipient as body of the HTML email.

Generate HTML from template


Send HTML email to ${email}

HTML Email

Repeat: Continue with next item

Copy App

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Last Updated: 18.09.20