Google Docs to HTML

Create HTML documents from your Google Docs templates

Generate HTML from My Docs


Create HTML documents from your Google Docs templates by merging the data from your variables into the resulting HTML document.

Possible use cases

  • Use html files to send well formatted html emails
  • Generate html files that can be embedded in a web page and opened with a browser


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.


Click on the reload icon to scan the template again to track down added or removed variables. If you have renamed your template on Google Drive clicking on this button will also update the document name in Ultradox.


Use the edit icon to edit the template in a new browser tab.


Click on the preview icon to generate a PDF from your template and open the generated PDF in a new browser tab. Ultradox is now generating a new Google document for the preview as this would generate new files on your Google Drive for each generated preview. The generated PDF document will contain an Ultradox watermark and will not count against your license. The preview is perfectly suited for testing your template without wasting your license during development.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any comments on this page, feel free to add suggestions right to the Google document that we are using to create this site.

If you are not yet member of the Ultradox community on Google+, please join now to get updates from our end or to provide feedback, bug reports or discuss with other users.

Last Updated: 11/30/17