Create your automation using the Airtable building blocks

When using Airtable building blocks for the first time you will have to connect Ultradox to your Airtable account.


Open your Ultradox automation and add one of the Airtable building blocks to your flow, e.g. the List records building block.

List records from table in base


Authorization required

Click on the bold text in the title of the List records building block to open the configuration dialog that asks you to grant access to your Airtable account.

Access is required to view and manage your Airtable.

Click Authorize to start the authorization process.

A window will open and ask you to copy and paste the Airtable API key from your Airtable account into the field.

Click on the link in the dialog to jump to your Airtable account management page right from the dialog.

Copy and paste the API key from your account overview page.

It looks like keyl25w5Ut12345.

Once you have pasted the key into the authorization dialog, click on Allow to grant access to your Airtable account.

Now the authorization is complete and you can use all Airtable building blocks in Ultradox.

If you for example have added the List records building block you can now click on the bold text in the title to open the configuration dialog and pick the base and table you want to work with.

Questions and Feedback

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Last Updated: 2/21/18