Create row

Insert new rows into an existing worksheet

Insert row with 2 columns to worksheet My Worksheet of spreadsheet My Sheet


Use cases

  • Insert new lines into a timesheet
  • Update a report with current values
  • Example App: Purchase order (Insert approved orders into sheet)


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.


Click on the reload icon to scan the template again to track down added or removed variables. If you have renamed your template on Google Drive clicking on this button will also update the document name in Ultradox.


Use the edit icon to edit the template in a new browser tab.


When dragging this block into the flow you can either select an existing spreadsheet from Google Drive or you can create a new one. If you choose to select an existing sheet, a file picker dialog will help you to find the sheet on your Google Drive. Creating a new spreadsheet will open the new sheet in a new browser tab.

After selecting the Google Sheet a dialog will allows you to select the columns to be inserted when creating a new row and to specify the values for each column.

The columns of the new row can contain simple fixed strings or variables. As in most of the text boxes in Ultradox you can leverage the full feature set of Ultradox templating. This makes it easy to format dates, numbers, currencies etc. according to your needs.

Useful combinations

Import contacts

Load "New Customer" contact group


For each contact repeat (1 block)

With the Load contact group building block you can load all customers of a Google contact group.

For each loaded contact a new row is inserted into a Contacts sheet using a Repeat building block.

Create row in Contacts sheet

Contacts sheet

Repeat: Continue with next item

File list

Get list of all files from drive folder

Google Drive folder

For each file repeat (1 block)


Instead of contacts you may also create a list of all files contained in a Google Drive folder. Using the List files building block you can load all files of a selected Drive folder.

For each loaded file a new row is inserted into a file using a Repeat building block.

As you may only want to list files but no subfolders you can activate skipping the Create row building block in case the listed item is a folder - skip condition: "${mimeType}"=="application/".

Create row in filelist skip folder


Repeat: Continue with next item

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Last Updated: 11/30/17