Ultradox covers many use cases in a super-simple way

Ultradox has been designed to help people with or without coding knowledge to build automations and applications that are instantly available both on the desktop and on mobile devices using progressive web app technologies.

People with deep knowledge of business process requirements should be able to create an app for these processes without hiring a team of developers.

Our mission is to cover 90% of the use cases in a super-simple way. The remaining 10% will be harder and may involve some additional coding - but should still be possible.

Ultradox achieves this goal by combining powerful document generation with a mature workflow engine and a flexible form builder.

Ultradox comes with a number of predefined powerful building blocks that cover most use cases in small, medium or even large enterprises.

What can Ultradox do?

Ultradox is very versatile. Among other things, you can:

  • Create professional PDF documents from your data using templates created with either Google Docs, Microsoft Word or LibreOffice
  • Send email campaigns to recipients stored in a Google Sheet, track email delivery, bounces and opens
  • Create apps with a number of interactive steps to be used on desktop and mobile devices
  • Generate daily, weekly or monthly reports to be sent by email, either to you or your customers
  • Generate HTML websites from Google Docs - like this help site which has been generated with Ultradox

Apps and Automations

With Ultradox you can create both Apps and Automations.

Automations are programs that run in the background and and can be triggered via API or scheduled by a timer. This is great if you want to send out weekly reports, welcome emails to new users or automatic reminders for unpaid invoices.

Apps are user-facing applications that can be either publicly available or secured in-house apps that only certain users can access. Apps are great for generating and reviewing documents, handling approval requests, holiday leave planning and more.

Learn more

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Questions and Feedback

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Last Updated: 3/25/21