Google Form Submission

You can trigger Ultradox whenever a user submits a Google Form.

Ultradox comes with add-ons for both Google Forms and Google Sheets that will allow you to trigger Ultradox on form submission without writing any code.

Both add-ons will allow you to run Ultradox whenever the user submits a form.

Which trigger to use?

So you may ask yourself which add-on you should use to trigger Ultradox.

Check the table to see which features you can use depending on the add-on that you are using:

Google Sheets

Google Forms

Trigger Ultradox on form submission

Re-run your flow manually

Create conditions from multiple choice questions

Use custom variable names instead of question titles

Activate the trigger

The trigger can be enabled and disabled right from the sidebar of the add-on.

To find out which form or sheet is triggering your flow, please open the flow.

Your first building block will either be a Load Form or Load Row(s) building block. To open the connected form or sheet, just click on the icon in the toolbar either showing a form or sheets icon.


If your Ultradox flow is not getting triggered on form submission, please open the sidebar in the add-on and make sure that the trigger is active.

If the trigger shows as active but your flow is still not getting triggered, please switch off the trigger and then turn it on again.

Questions and Feedback

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Last Updated: 9/10/21