Manage Email Providers

With Ultradox you can send out emails using different providers to give you perfect control over email delivery and the best delivery rates.

Ultradox comes with a number of predefined email providers like GMail and a pre-configured Amazon SES account.

You can send emails using GMail or you can send them using the highly recommended email infrastructure from Amazon (Amazon SES).


With Ultradox you can send emails from your GMail account.

This is great for getting started.

Check out the GMail help center for further details.

If you are using Ultradox in an organization you may want to send out more emails per day and want to have full control over email bounces, complaints, delivery rates etc.

To provide full control and best delivery rates Ultradox allows you to leverage other email providers.
The following sections explain how to add your own email provider.

Amazon SES

To configure your email providers or to verify another sender address, please click on the email providers icon in the email building block.

A dialog will open and show you the configured email providers.

Add provider

Add a new email provider by clicking on the add button.

You can then give your new provider a name that will be displayed in the list of available email providers.

Choose the type of email provider from the drop-down. Depending on the selected type you will then have to add additional connection properties.

Select Amazon SES if you have created your own Amazon SES account. Make sure to request production access and to select the proper region when adding your account to Ultradox.

Rename provider

To change the provider name which will be displayed in the dialog or to add verified sender addresses click on the edit icon.

If you have renamed an email provider or added a new one it may take a while until the new account shows up, so refreshing the list after a while may help.

Click on the refresh icon to reload the list of email providers.

Delete provider

Select an email provider and click on the remove button to delete the selected provider.

Questions and Feedback

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Last Updated: 9/17/21