Form responses

Ultradox does not store the entered form data anywhere by default. It just makes the entered data available to be used in your flow.

Storing submitted data

You can store the form data in the place of your choice like Google Sheets or Airtable by using the appropriate building blocks.

Record responses in Google Sheets

Ultradox provides a shortcut to store the entered data in Google Sheets.

Just click on the Sheets icon in the top toolbar of the Forms building block.

Enter the name of the Google Sheet that will be created to store the data.

Ultradox will then create the appropriate building blocks to your flow to both store the data and also load the data from the sheet when using the EditResponseUrl.

The title of the form should now say Let user enter and edit... and the sheets icon in the main toolbar will vanish as the form is now correctly connected to the new sheet.

Questions and Feedback

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Last Updated: 9/17/19