Pick sender from a variable


  • Select the from sender address for outgoing emails based on a variable


You know how to setup multiple email accounts in Ultradox

You know how to select email accounts manually


  • Your emails will be sent from a sender address based on a variable


Ultradox allows you to send emails using different sender addresses and various email providers. You can send from either a GMail account or using Amazon SES.

You have already learned how to setup multiple email accounts with different sender addresses or visible sender name.

Each of these accounts will be selectable in a dropdown by their name. Make sure that the name is unique for each account. This is the key requirement to select them dynamically based on a variable.


The email block comes with a sendFrom input variable. If you pass the name of your account as it appears in the dropdown (not the email address or the display name)[a], the email will be sent from that account.

If you have multiple email building blocks in your flow you may want to give them a unique input prefix in order to be able to distinguish the different sendFrom variables.

As always you can click on the keyboard icon in the input parameter section to create a form with fields for each input variable so that you can easily assign a value to the variable or test it.

If no account can be found for the provided name the selected account will be used by default.

What you have learned

  • You have learned how to select the sender of your email based on a variable

[a]Can you please clarify this part? I don't know what's the name of the account as it appears in the dropdown... Thanks in advance!

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Last Updated: 7/13/18