Send forms by email

With Ultradox you can build interactive flows like approval flows involving different people.

Formatting forms

User interaction can be achieved either by sending out emails or by displaying an interactive website containing a form or links to subsequent actions.

To collect additional data from either the email or the displayed website, you can render any Ultradox form as a HTML form that even works right in the email.

To do so, you will have to add a form to your flow and add the desired fields to the form. You will find a variable called formDefinition in the output parameter section of the form. You can then render the form using the form renderer right in your template for the HTML email or page.

If you want to continue with your flow after the user submits a form, you can make use of the suspend and resume building blocks. The typical flow for collecting data from a form and resuming the flow after form submission looks like this:

Typical form flow

In the suspend building block you will find an output variable for each subsequent resume block in your flow. To use such a variable in the action parameter of your form renderer, you'll have to use the syntax for using variables as renderer parameters.

Let's say you have a resume building block called Form Submit the matching output variable in the suspend block will be called resumeFormSubmit.

If you want to resume your flow at this resume block, you'll have to use the variable like this:


Typically a form just has one button to submit the form. Ultradox supports multiple buttons so that you can then execute different building blocks based on the button that the user has clicked. This feature is used in the Purchase Order example to create an Approve and a Deny button.

The text of the selected button will be passed in a variable called button. You can use this variable to toggle building blocks based on this variable.

Example: To enable a building block only if the button Deny has been clicked, you can click on the on/off switch in the building block and enter the following condition:

${if button=Deny}true${else}false${end}

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Last Updated: 9/5/19