Share printer

Share your printer if you are using Google Cloud Print

Share printer given printer with not selected


Use cases

  • Register (or de-register) users on a Google Cloud Printer
  • Share a Google Cloud Printer between users who register to a group or event


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.

Useful combinations

Workshop registration form, auto deactivate after x-hours.

In combination with the timer building block you could easily share a printer for a given time.

Share printer when on-boarding new employees

Load HR employees worksheet

HR employee list

Share HR printer

Shared HR printer

In this example a new HR department employee is added to an HR department employee list using a Google Form. Once added the HR department printer is shared with the employee.

Currently printers can only be selected manually. An enhancement to parse a printer ID is planned.

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Last Updated: 11/28/17