Create SmartLink linkToTarget to nowhere and execute nothing when clicked


Create personalized SmartLinks to perform actions whenever a user clicks on a link in your documents or mailings. You can also specify an action URL to be called whenever the user clicks on the link used to pass data to your own servers.

Use cases

  • Create a unique link for each recipient to track the user with Google Analytics
  • Generate a personalized URL to be called when the user clicks on that link
  • Use an action URL to trigger another Ultradox campaign or to execute arbitrary actions like removing or adding a contact from a contact group


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.

You can change the name, target and action URL as well as the Google Analytics click tracking.

The target URL specified the URL where the user will land when clicking on the link.

The action URL can be used to trigger logic on your server - or to trigger another Ultradox file by entering the integration URL.

By using the action URL you can build sophisticated mailing campaigns or do automated contact segmentation based on the links that your recipients click on.

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Last Updated: 10.06.21