Send HTML emails

Send out emails generated from your template

Send HTML email with subject not selected to not selected


Send out emails generated from your template or with generated documents attached.

Use cases

  • Send well formatted emails containing text, pictures and/or other elements
  • Base email texts on a template to create personalized content


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.

You can use Ultradox variables and renderers in all text fields of the email building block configuration, you will find all used detected variables as input parameters on the left hand side of the building block.


Click on the email icon to open the email dialog. You can edit the subject, sender, recipients and body of the email.

You can send out generated documents as an attachment and change the file-name according to your needs by clicking on it.

You can use placeholders and renderers as described in the Templating essentials in the name of the attachment to generate nice file-names for your attachments.


Click on the reload icon to scan the template again to track down added or removed variables. If you have renamed your template on Google Drive clicking on this button will also update the document name in Ultradox.


Clicking on the preview icon immediately generate and send the email to your own email address instead of sending it to the specified recipient(s). This helps you to verify that the generated email looks and feels as expected on different devices.


You can track the emails with Google Analytics and trigger actions whenever an email gets delivers or rejected. This is great to unsubscribe users from a mailing list automatically whenever an email is getting rejected.


To configure your email providers or to verify another sender address, please click on the email providers icon in the email building block. Please check out the Manage Email Providers guide on details how to configure your email providers.

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Last Updated: 28.11.17