Reducing an images memory footprint

Compress given file with quality 70 percent


The Compress block is used for reducing the memory usage of a JPEG or PNG image by using a higher compression. The lower the selected quality value, the higher the compression and memory savings will be. As a tradeoff the image will get more distinct compression artifacts. Other image blocks inside Ultradox use a fixed output quality factor of 70%. So setting a factor above this value will not improve the quality.

Use cases

  • Reducing the memory usage of an image before further processing, like sending via mail or uploading to Google Drive.


Clicking on given file in the title of the building block lets you pick the desired image from your Google Drive.

You can deselect the picked image by clicking on the x button on the right of the selected filename.

If no image has been picked, Ultradox will load the given image that is stored in the input variable.

Clicking the 70 lets you choose the quality factor (valid values are 1 to 100).

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Last Updated: 10/1/18