Redirect users to a landing page

Redirect user to target page not selected

Just as the Stop building block you can stop your flow at any point. This building block will cause the user to be redirected to the specified website in case the user is invoking your flow from a link or by calling the integration URL.

Use cases

  • After a successful execution redirect the user to another website
  • Stop your flow and redirect the user if a condition is true
  • Stop the execution after one of several exclusive steps were performed and send the user to a confirmation page


Click on the bold part in the title of the building block to specify the target URL. Note that you can use all placeholders and renderers which allow you to pass variables as URL parameters easily.

Useful combinations

Restrict access to users

The Skip block is configured to skip the subsequent building block in case the condition is true.

Skip 1 block if ${age} > 21

If the variable ${age} is equal or less than 21 the building block gets executed and the forbidden page is displayed.

Stop and redirect to "Forbidden" page


End of skipped blocks

If the variable ${age} has a value greater than 21 the stop block gets skipped and the flow sends the user to the welcome page.

Stop and redirect to "Welcome" page


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Last Updated: 01.10.18