Stop your flow

Stop execution

Use the Stop building block if you want to stop the execution of your flow. Specifying a condition on this block you will open a lot of possibilities.

If you are using this block in a Live-app you can configure the message that is being displayed to the users of your app by clicking on the app icon in the toolbar of this building block. Your customized message will then be displayed instead of the default message when the flow gets stopped.

Use cases

  • Stop your flow in case a certain condition is true
  • Stop the execution after one of several exclusive steps were performed
  • Create if/else flows by combining the Skip and the Stop building blocks
  • Display a custom confirmation message to users of your app
  • Stop the flow right after a form submission with a condition checking the current user to avoid multiple form submissions


No configuration required.

Useful combinations

Individual emails to different user groups

Skip 2 blocks if ${female}

The Skip block is configured to skip the subsequent two building block in case the condition is true.

If the variable ${female} is set and not false the two subsequent building blocks are skipped and the execution of the flow continues after these skipped blocks.

Send "Tools Sale" email


Stop execution

End of skipped blocks

Send "Garden Sale" email


If the variable ${female} is not set or false however the building blocks framed by the skip block are executed and the flow stops right after the email was sent.

Learn more

Using this building block will return the execution report in JSON format if you trigger Ultradox via calling the integration URL. This allows you to check programmatically whether the execution of the executed building blocks has been successful or not.

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Last Updated: 30.11.18