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Create pie charts from your data

Pie chart

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The Pie chart building block helps you to create pie charts from your data which you may embed in your documents.

Use cases

  • Illustrate your data by using a pie chart diagram



Click on the reload icon to scan the Google Form for modified, added or removed fields.

 Create form

After adding the script to your flow, click on the keyboard icon in the input parameter section.


After adding the form you can enter the values to be displayed in your chart into the text boxes.

Please make sure to use the syntax that is described in the placeholder in the text boxes. For example the values to be used in the chart have to be delimited by a comma.

You can either enter fixed values or you can use variables to generate your charts from data coming from a Google Sheet, your contacts or any other data source.

Useful combinations

If you for example have a list variable called items.quantity that holds a number of values that you want to visualize in your chart, you can use the loop with separators like this:

${foreach items item ,}${item.quantity}${end}

If you want to create a list separated by the pipe symbol |, you can use a statement like this:

${foreach items item |}${item.name}${end}

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Last Updated: 11/28/17