Remove from group

Remove selected contact(s) from a contact group

Remove contact from contact group not selected


Use cases

  • Remove contacts from a dedicated group depending on the performed activities
  • Use contact groups to execute flows matching the contained users


Use the bold part in the title of the building block to select the contact group from which the contact(s) should be removed.

Useful combinations

Unsubscribe from subscribers list



Add to "DIY newsletter" group

DIY newsletter group

Subscription confirmation

Confirmation Email


In order to structure your customers or subscribers you can manage them by adding them to different Google groups. In this example a new subscriber gets added to the "DIY newsletter" group. Using the Load contact group block you can easily load this Google group and send newsletters to all subscribers.

This flow stops after the registration confirmation was sent and the user was added to the "DIY newsletter" group.

Resume: Unsubscribe


Remove from "DIY newsletter" group

DIY newsletter group

Unsubscribed confirmation

The suspend and resume blocks allow you to resume the flow in case a user wants to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Besides the subscription confirmation email also any of your newsletters may contain the resumeUnsubscribe link. Once selected the flow continues with unsubscribing the user from the "DIY newsletter" group.

Learn more

Also see Load contact group building block examples.

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Last Updated: 11/28/17