Skip blocks based on a condition

Skip blocks

End of skipped blocks

When building complex flows it may come in handy to skip a number of building blocks based on a condition

Use cases

  • Execute parts of a flow only if a condition is met
  • Skip parts of a flow for testing


Click on the bold part in the title of the building block to configure the number of blocks to be skipped. Please note that you'll have to adjust the number of blocks to be skipped whenever you insert or remove some of the skipped blocks.

Useful combinations

Send email only if …

The Skip block is configured to skip the subsequent two building block if ${age} is less than 21

Skip execution of 2 blocks if ${age} < 21

Generate HTML from template


HTML email

HTML Email

End of skipped blocks

Stop execution

The (optional) Stop execution building block only ensures the flow to be stopped at this point.

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Last Updated: 30.11.18