Join lists

Join list a with list b where c matches


This building block is the Swiss Army knife tool for processing and combining structured data. You can for example combine different sheets, listed files, contacts or any other structured data available.

Use cases

  • Enrich the data from one worksheet with data from another sheet


Click on the bold text in the title of the building block to open the configuration dialog.

 After adding the script to your flow, click on the keyboard icon in the input parameter section.

Useful combinations

Example: You have a list of items in your first sheet called items and a price list in the second sheet called pricelist. If you now want to print your list of items and also want to display the price for each item you can merge the data from the price list into your items table.

Enter items as main table and pricelist as table to be merged into the main tables.

Then specify the condition how to find matching rows in the secondary table.

Let's say you have column called id in the items sheet and a column called productId in the pricelist sheet. The condition to find the matching rows then looks like this:

row1['id'] == row2['productId']

As we want to print the items table with additional columns from the pricelist sheet, we use items as the name of the merged table.

You can also apply filters and calculations on each row in the same way you know if from the Filter rows and Calculate columns scripts.

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Last Updated: 27.11.17