Try / Catch

Handle errors using try / catch blocks

Try to execute the following blocks

Catch errors

End of error-prone blocks

Some building blocks may fail. Either due to invalid user input or because an API is down.

In such a case the flow would normally stop and the owner receives an email with the error details.

With try / catch blocks you can handle certain errors right in the flow and execute blocks in case a specific error occurred.

Use cases

  • Show a useful error page for the user using your app



By default all errors will be catched by the catch building block.

You can specify a condition by clicking on the if on the right of the building block to handle only certain errors.

You could for example examine the errorMessage and check if it contains a certain string.

If you do not catch the error, the flow would abort and send an email to the owner of the flow, just as if you'd not have used the try / catch blocks.

This allows you to handle certain errors by yourself and let Ultradox handle all other errors in the standard way.

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Last Updated: 08.11.19