Fill PDF form

Pre-fill PDF forms with values

Fill 1 of 2 fields of file given file


With this building block you can fill out fields of any PDF documents that contains forms and generate a new document with pre-filled forms.

This is great if you have existing PDF documents with forms created with other tools like Acrobat Professional and want to send out these documents with pre-filled data from your clients to make it easier for them to send back filled forms.

Use cases

  • Take existing PDF documents with address fields and pre-fill them with the stored address of your clients
  • Automatically reply to incoming emails with PDF forms attached by sending the filled forms back


To configure this block you’ll first have to select a PDF document that contains a form.

Click on given file to pick the file that contains the form from your Google Drive.

Ultradox will then analyze the PDF document and create a custom dialog for you to specify the values for each form field.

Open the configuration dialog by clicking on the bold number of form fields detected in the document.

In the dialog you can enter the values for each form field either by entering a fixed value or by entering a variable or a script.

You can’t set the field names and it’s values, if you use given file, as the given file is generated at runtime - not at configuration time.If you first set a specific input file, you can configure the values for the corresponding field names. Later you can reset the input to “given file” and the fields (with the same field names configured before) of any other document can be set accordingly with this block.

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Last Updated: 10/1/18