Archive Attachments

Let Ultradox put attachments to the right folder in Google Drive automatically

If you are running your own business you may have to monitor your inbox for new invoices and download them for your accountant.

With Ultradox you can automate this task and let Ultradox check your mails for new attachments and move them to the right folder.


By default this automation will run once per day and will check all emails from the last 24 hours for G Suite invoices.

Open the Archive Attachments automation and customize the entries in the From and Subject fields to find the attachments you are looking for.

Also create a folder on your Google Drive where you want to put the attachments and enter the path in the Folder field.

You can also use variables to use the current month or year as the name for the folder, as shown in the example.

 If you haven't received a matching e-mail in the last 24 hours and want to test the search, you can disable the date filter and manually start your automation by clicking the Run button in the main toolbar.

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Last Updated: 8/7/18