Self-service Contract

Automate the generation of contracts

With the help of this App, your customers can create and sign contracts using an online form.

The signed contracts are saved as a PDF document on Google Drive and will be sent to your customers by email.

For example you can automatically generate and sign data processing agreements with your customers to comply to GDPR.

Get your free copy of Self Service Contract to your Google Drive.


After copying the example to your Google Drive (My Drive), you will find the following files and folders in the Self-service Contract project folder:

The Ultradox App Self-service Contract, the Google Docs Contract Template that will be used to produce the contract as well as the Signed and Drafts folders.

Contract Template

Open the Google Docs template Contract Template and enter your company details and an image with your signature in the provided space, as well as the actual contract.

Self-service Contract

The Ultradox app is ready to run out of the box. However, open the file for a test run and to change the colors and background image of the form which will be displayed to your users and to obtain the information for embedding the form into your website.

To test the app, click on the Run app button in the menu bar. This will open the form in a new browser tab. This is the form that will also be displayed to your users. Fill out the form and sign it and click on the Preview button at the bottom of the page.

You will get a preview of the generated contract that includes your entered data and your signature. Click on Back if you want to adjust the entered data or click on the Send button to finalize the contract and send it as a PDF attachment by email to the entered address and archive it in your Signed folder.

Change the colors and background image of your app by clicking the App settings button.

The form fields are configured in the form block, which is the second from the top of the automation.

If you want to change the form or enter additional form fields, click on the bold text parts in the title of this block to open the Customize Form dialog.

In the Customize Form dialog, you can change and extend the form.

Finally, make your form available to your customers by simply copying the URL from the browser window of the app and pasting it as a link into your website or by embedding the form into your website via an iframe. To do this, copy the HTML snippet from the dialog that you can open with the Embed button in the menu bar.

That's it! You have successfully automated the creation of your contracts.

Digital Signature

Add a digital signature to your contracts to make sure the contract can not be modified by any means after singing. A digital signature may be required to meet legal requirements for certain contracts in your country.

To add the digital signature function to Ultradox Automation, activate the Digital Signature building block using the on/off switch located at the top right of the building block.

The position of the visible signature on the page can be set in the Signing settings dialog, which you can reach via the bold text bottom left in the title of the building block.

If you do not use your own digital certificate, the Ultradox Certificate will be used to sign the contract on your behalf.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any comments on this page, feel free to add suggestions right to the Google document that we are using to create this site.

If you are not yet member of the Ultradox community on Google+, please join now to get updates from our end or to provide feedback, bug reports or discuss with other users.

Last Updated: 10/28/19