Capture Invoices

Scan your emails for attached PDF invoices to automate your bookkeeping

If you are running your own business you may have to monitor your inbox for new invoices from various service providers and download them for your accountant.

With Ultradox you can automate this task and let Ultradox check your mails for new invoices and move them to the right folder.

Ultradox will then extract the financial information like subtotal, tax and total from the PDF invoice by leveraging the built-in PDF tools to automate your bookkeeping in a Google Sheet.

Invoices in foreign currencies will be converted automatically so that you'll also find the amounts in your own currency in the sheet.

Getting started

After you have copied the example to Google Drive, you will find a number of files in the project folder:

Open the project folder on google drive

You will find the Capture Invoices automation that contains the actual program to scan your emails and to perform the required steps to store and track the data.

The Capture Rules app will greatly help you to build rules that tell Ultradox how to track down emails with invoices attached and how to extract the financial data from these invoices.

the Invoices folder will contain the PDF invoices, sorted by year and stored into different subfolders based on your rules.

The Google Sheet Setup contains all the rules that will be applied to track down the emails with PDF invoices attached and to extract the information from the PDF documents.

The Invoices sheet will then track all invoices and wil also contain the financial data extracted from the invoices.

Adjust Rules

The Google Sheet Setup contains a number of example rules that will work for a number of frequently used services out of the box.

You can open the Setup sheet to view and edit the rules.

When creating new rules with the Create Rule app, the new rule will be stored in this sheet.

The keyword will be used to only load relevant emails from your inbox.

Just enter a simple term that appears in the subject of your email. All emails that contain at least one of the keywords in the subject will be loaded and analyzed.

Don't use too many different keywords in your rules and don't make them too specifiy. Just make sure that all emails with invoices attached will be found when using for the keywords in your GMail search.

In the next step all loaded emails will be analyzed and checked if they match your expression for sender, recipient and subject.

If an email is matching your criteria, the attached invoice will be downloaded and the text is getting extracted from the PDF.

If an expression has been specified in the text column it will be checked if the extracted text is matching the expression.

If the expression is matching (or no expression has been specified) the rule will be applied and the invoice will be captured.

The columns Subtotal, Tax and Total with a yellow header will be used to extract the financial info from the PDF invoices using regular expressions. The text in the first group (.*) will be extracted.

The columns with a light orange header will be used to specify the currency, language and country settings to parse the extracted numbers

In the folder column you can specify the name of the subfolder where the PDF invoices matching your rule will be stored.

The text in the account and description columns will be simply copied into the invoices sheet if your rule is matching.

The Google Sheet Invoices collects all data extracted from the tracked e-mails and invoices.


To run the automation open the Ultradox automation Capture Invoices and click on the Run button in the toolbar.


You can use Ultradox to automatically archive and capture your incoming invoices by running the automation Capture Invoices once per day and by checking all emails from the last 24 hours.

Click on the timer in the main toolbar to schedule and repeat the automation once per day.

Questions and Feedback

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Last Updated: 3/7/19