Tinted Email

Create a color palette for a given brand color

Sending email campaigns that are using a color palette derived from the the primary brand color of your customer is a great way to improve customer relationship.

With Ultradox you can take your automated email communication to the next level. Click on the button to see this example in action:

Run app

If you want to learn how to create email campaigns using a custom color palette you can copy the Tinted Email example as a starting point.

Get your free copy of the Tinted Email Application.

Get started

To see the example in action click on Run app to launch the app or click on Run to run it right in the Ultradox editor.

You can pick a given color by name or enter a hex code to select the primary color.

You can also enter the public URL of the company logo.

Your company logo should be 128x128 pixels in size.

Ultradox will then create a matching color palette for the given color and send you an email using these colors.

Make it yours

This example combines two features of Ultradox to produce the colored emails:

  • It leverages the color renderer to create various shades and tints from a given color.
  • It uses processingInstructions to replace colors in your template with the actual colors derived from the brand color.

If you want to dive into the guts of this example, you can open the third building block and examine both form fields.

The first one creates a secondary color based on the given primary brand color.

In the example the complementary color is picked as secondary color.

If you want to use a color tone that is more similar to the primary brand color you may want to try this statement instead:


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Last Updated: 2/5/19