Auto-Create Customer on Google Drive

Create personalized files and folders automatically for new customers


Open the Ultradox file Auto-Create Customer on Google Drive and click on the Run button in the menu bar of the automation.

You will be prompted to either create files and folders for a selected organization or to setup a trigger that will automatically create files and folders for an organization if a deal has been won.

Tip: You will find the generated folders in the Customers folder on Google Drive within the example root folder. You can simply move the Customers folder on Drive without breaking the automation.

If you enable the trigger you will find a proper setup for your new customer of Google Drive whenever you close a deal! How cool is that?

If you want to switch off the automatic trigger you can run the automation again and will then be prompted to stop the trigger.


After copying the example a folder and an About file will be created whenever you run the automation or a deal has been won.

This is just a starting point. You can add building blocks to do whatever you want when a new customer is getting created.

Some ideas that may be helpful:

  • Copy a given Google Sheet and populate it with some data from your Pipedrive CRM
  • Send out an email to someone in your company to inform them that folders have been created on Google Drive
  • Send out emails to all people in the organization
  • Generate a contract and send it out by email to be signed


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Last Updated: 8/3/21