Quick Mail Merge

Perform a mail merge using the data in a Google Sheet

Quick Mail Merge will give you the fastest processing and creation of a large number of documents such as serial letters.

Ultradox will load the data from a Google Sheet and generates a PDF document for each row of the worksheet.


After copying the example to your Google Drive (My Drive), you will find the following files and folders in the Quick Mail Merge project folder:

The Ultradox Automations Merge and Quick Mail Merge, the Google Sheet Employee Directory and the Google Docs template Template and the folder Documents.

Quick Mail Merge (Ultradox automation)

In order to process all PDF documents at the same time, the automation

Merge (Ultradox automation)

Open the Ultradox Automation Merge. Using this automation you can open the template Template and generate a preview of it after you have designed your mail merge.

Ultradox Automation Preview

To generate a preview of your template, you must first link the Automation Preview to the Airtable Employee Directory so that Ultradox can load the data for the placeholders in the template.

Design Template

Open the template Template by clicking on the corresponding button in the Generate PDF building block in the Automation Merge. Edit and design the Google Docs template Template.


Open the Automation Merge and click on the Preview button in the title of the Generate PDF building block. Ultradox opens a preview of your template in a new browser window.

Printer Setup

Open Automation Merge to select your cloud-ready printer on which to print the mail merge.

Click on given printer in the title of the Print document building block and select a printer. If necessary, allow Ultradox to grant access to your printer settings.


If you are satisfied with your template, generate the mail merge by clicking the Run button in the menu bar of the Automation Quick Mail Merge. Ultradox will then create a PDF document for all records in the worksheet Employee Directory and send it to your cloud-enabled printer.

That's it! You have successfully automated the creation of a serial letter.

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Last Updated: 12/19/19