Sentiment Analyzer

Check your GMail Inbox for positive and negative emails using sentiment analysis

Email is a great channel of communication. It relieves you from the burden of taking care of people’s requests and let’s you deal with them when you think it is time for it. However, when the amount of email simply gets too much to process in a timely manner, you mind want to know which kinds of emails might be more pressing and thus should be given priority.

In our example use case we assume that email having a rather negative tone are more pressing and should be answered first. However, if we look through all emails manually, we might as well directly answer them and might waste a lot of time with emails that are not really pressing.

Easy integration

Instead we use Google’s Sentiment Analysis Service which is part of Google’s natural language API It is easy to integrate into Ultradox and will find those emails that are probably negative. You can experiment with the API directly in the browser following the link above. If you want to make sense out of the results, there is a good explanation at We have already put some effort into using that explanation that simply puts a tag and a combined score at each incoming email. Such results will be sent to you via email in condensed form.

Questions and Feedback

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Last Updated: 6/27/18