Archive Attachments

Let Ultradox put attachments to the right folder in Google Drive automatically

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Do you still manually search your emails for attachments such as images or PDF documents?

With Ultradox you can automate this task and search your emails for attachments and archive them in folders.

Download a free copy of automation Archive Attachments to your Google Drive.


The copy of this automation contains the Ultradox automation Archive Attachments, the Archive Attachment Rules sheet, and the Attachments folder.

Open the sheet Archive Attachment Rules and adjust the values in the Sender, Subject and Folder columns to your criteria.

The folders with the corresponding names are automatically created as soon as a suitable attachment is found and stored in a folder with the corresponding year.

Ultradox searches all the entries in your email inbox (maximum 500 entries).

To optimize the search criteria and adapt them to your preferences, open the automation Archive Attachments.

Enter additional parameters in the uppermost Assign values building block in the Subject form field.

To limit the search, you can set a time period in the Date form field.

For a time-controlled execution, activate the timer via the corresponding button in the automation toolbar.

Set the time of the next run, as well as the repetition rate and the time period.


When you are finished with your input, you can run the automation by clicking the Run button on the automation toolbar.

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Last Updated: 3/6/19