Purchase Order

Collect and approve purchase orders

This example shows how you can build an approval flow across different users.

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You can enter a purchase order using Google Forms. Ultradox will then generate and send the request to your manager. The manager can approve or deny orders and enter an additional comment right in the email.

The approved orders will be collected in a separate worksheet so that the manager can generate an order for all approved items at any time.

This example shows several unique features

  • This example shows several unique features like suspending and resuming the flow to create email based user interaction.
  • It also demonstrates how you can embed interactive forms into your responsive emails.
  • The emails will play nicely on desktop and mobile devices. As some email clients on mobile devices like GMail on Android do not support interactive forms right in the email, you will also find a link to a web view of the email.
  • This will allow all users on any device to take advantage of forms embedded in an email.

Get your free copy of the Purchase Order Application.

Getting started

You will have to perform a few simple steps until you can use your Purchase Order.

After you have logged in to Ultradox and copied the example to Google Drive, you will find a number of files in the project folder:

Open the project folder on google drive

The project folder contains the four Google Documents Approval Template, Approved Template, Denied Template and Order Template, the Google Sheet Purchase Orders and the Ultradox Automation Purchase Order as well as the Approved Orders folder.

On the root level of your Google Drive there is also a file called Copy of Purchase Order Form. This file is the Google form that employees will fill out.

Rename the file to Purchase Order Form and move it into the project folder to keep all files in a single place.

Purchase Order Form

When orders are submitted via the form, an email with the list of items and a response form is sent to the manager, who can approve or deny the order directly in the email.

If the manager approves the requests, a PDF document containing the orders for the vendor is created and archived in the Approved Orders folder. All orders are also listed in the Purchase Orders sheet.

Set up

Spreadsheet Purchase Orders

Open the Google Sheet Purchase Orders and enter the data of your vendor and the shipping address in the Settings worksheet. In the Request worksheet, all employee requests are automatically listed, in the Orders worksheet, the approved orders are listed.

Google Document Templates

Open the template Order Template to replace the image with the signature.

All other Google Document templates are ready for use and do not need to be edited. If you want to adapt the templates to your corporate design and change the texts, be careful not to unintentionally change the variables so that the functionality is retained.

Activate the Trigger

If the users submit the requests, Ultradox should be triggered as soon as the form has been sent. To do this, the Ultradox Trigger must be activated, which links the Google spreadsheet Purchase Orders with the Ultradox Automation.

Open the Purchase Orders table document and activate the Ultradox Trigger.


To make the order form available to your employees, integrate it into your website or simply send the link to your employees.

Open the form Purchase Order Form and click the Preview button at the top right of the menu bar. The form will open in a new browser tab and can be reloaded for use over and over again.

Embed the signup form into your Website

Open the form and click on the Send button, in the top right of the menu bar and in the pop-up dialog on the < > button and copy the iframe source code to your website.


Test the purchase order process by simply filling out the form and sending it off. Orders will always be sent to the owner of the automation where the automation was downloaded to.

That's it!  You have successfully automated your purchase order.

Questions and Feedback

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Last Updated: 12/27/21