Release Notes

This page lists the major changes in each release of Ultradox.

It is intended to help users identify recent changes in behavior.


August, 3rd

Ultradox now seamlessly supports shortcuts to folders on Google Drive.

You can open shortcuts to folders in the file picker just like folders. When listing files in a shortcut to a folder, Ultradox will automatically resolve the shortcut and list the files in the target folder if you have acces.


July, 16th

String renderer now supports negative values in from and to parameter to get a substring from the end of the string.

Upload method in Webhook building block now supports additional parameters to be passed along with the file. It will create a multipart form request and encode the file and parameters in the body of the request.

Download block in the Google Drive section now allows to specify the MimeType of the downloaded file. This will for example allow you to download a Google Sheet in Excel format.

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Last Updated: 03.08.22