In this document we provide some quick answers for questions our users are frequently interested in.


How to create an Ultradox account?

You do not need a dedicated Ultradox account. Just login with your existing Google account.

Go to Ultradox and click the Login button at the upper right corner of the page.

Your subscription details can be accessed at our Marketplace

To create and open Ultradox flows in Google Drive you just need to be logged in with your Google account.

How can I change my company or personal details that appear on the invoices?

Please log in to the Marketplace.

On the subscriptions tab click the edit button in order to edit your data.

What languages are supported?

Ultradox Editor

English and German

Help Center


Enterprise Support

English and German


Users can specify individual texts

Running Ultradox on mobile devices

You may open an Ultradox flow in a browser on your mobile or tablet PC, but we recommend to use the Ultradox Editor on a desktop PC.

There is no native app for editing Ultradox flows on iOS or Android.

Ultradox Apps however are follow the Google Material Design guidelines and thereby can easily be opened and executed in the browser of any smartphone.

How often will I receive a newsletter?

We will use our newsletter to provide information on Ultradox enhancements, downtimes and Ultradox related products.

At maximum we will send one newsletter email per month.

You can configure the newsletter settings in any of your Ultradox files by selecting Newsletter settings in the Help menu.

Of course you may also unsubscribe by using the related link in any newsletter email.

How can I get personal support?

Please either refer to our community [a]or write an email to our support team.


What’s my current license and usage?

Open any of your Ultradox files and select Help > License.

You will also get an overview of your remaining credits in the license indicator bar in the Ultradox editor.

What happens if my license limit is reached?

Once your document limit is reached you will receive a referring notification via email.

No further documents can be created for that case.

How to upgrade my plan?

To upgrade your license log on to the Marketplace, access the Subscriptions tab and click on the Upgrade button.

The available plans will show up and can be selected.

How to change my credit card?[b]

To change your credit card, please cancel your subscription and re-activate it again right away with the new payment information.

Therefore please log on to the Marketplace, access the Subscriptions tab and for the license you would like to change your payment option for first click Cancel and then Activate right away. You can then enter your new payment information.

How to cancel my subscription / license?

To cancel your license log on to the Marketplace, access the Subscriptions tab and click on the Cancel button for your license you would like to cancel.

Your subscription will then end at the current period and not get extended.

File access and file sharing

Can I share files with other users?

Just as any other file in your Google Drive you can share any Ultradox files right from the Google Drive interface.

Additionally in each Ultradox file you will find a Share button in the upper right corner of the editor.

This will also open the Google Drive dialog to share your file with certain users.

Transfer ownership of an Ultradox file

Besides sharing a file you may also transfer the ownership of a file to another person.

As this follows the standard Google file sharing procedure the transfer it is limited to be executed between users within the same domain.

To be able to transfer the ownership to another user you first need to share the file with her/him. Then access the advanced sharing settings. Here you will see all users you have shared the file with.

Search for the user you would like to transfer the ownership to. Click the Edit icon (pencil) and select Is owner from the drop-down.



What authorizations will I need to grant to use Ultradox?

As Ultradox automates activities and processes using your G Suite services we will require access to the data and application that you will use in Ultradox.

When registering for Ultradox and when installing an add-on you will have to grant access for some for your profile information and access to your Google Drive or the app you are installing the add-on for.

Please check on the Installation Guide guides for details on the authorizations are requesting when registering for Ultradox.

Revoke given authorizations

In order to revoke access for Ultradox please open your Google Account and from the Sign-in & security menu select Connected apps & sites.

You will be able to manage your connected apps.

From the list of connected Apps click Ultradox and the select Remove.

Once the app is removed all related authorizations are withdrawn.

How does Ultradox handle sensitive information

Ultradox may generate documents or compile data using sensitive information assembled from data that has been retrieved from various services.

Ultradox never stores any information on external servers. The information is just used by Ultradox while executing the flow.

Authorizations for Apps

For any Ultradox flow you may create an App that is easy to access and execute for other user. In the process of running an App the executing user may have to grant authorization (for example if your live app asks the user to pick a file from her/his drive and submit it).

The Impersonating users guide provides details on how authorizations for and within Apps are granted and removed.

Custom Development

For custom requirements we may help you to implement your requirements in a custom development project.

Please reach out to us and we are happy to discuss the details.

Ultradox Editor

Delete a building block

Either mark a building block and use the delete key of your keyboard or right click on the referring building block and select Remove item(s). By using the shift key you can select several building blocks at once.

Move building blocks

You can simply move building blocks by dragging from and dropping them to any position in your flow. You can also cut & paste and copy building blocks by using right clicking on the item.

Conditional Execution

Disable building blocks or perform when a condition is fulfilled

By clicking the on/off icon at the right side of each building block in your flow you can either enter a condition that needs to be fulfilled to execute the particular building block, of you can completely disable the building block.

Can I create alternate conditions and stop my flow in case they are not met?

Yes, just insert a stop building block at the point where you would like to stop your main flow. Use a skip building block to execute/bypass alternative paths in your flow.

If you for example have a form in which certain multiple choice selections insert a Stop building block and check for the selection as condition:

${if yourfield:option}true${else}false${end}

Is it possible to produce a block of conditions based on an if/else statement in Ultradox?

You can either add the condition to each of the actions by using the On/Off icon of the building blocks.

Or you can use the Skip building block in conjunction with a condition to skip a number of actions if a condition is met.

Is there any way to create a variable depending on whether a building block was executed or not?

You can use the Form building block to create variables. Then use the condition in the form block to enter the condition.

Sending emails

Rename attached files

Attachment names can be changed in the email building block.

Open the email dialog by clicking on the bold text in the building block title to see the files that may currently be attached.

Click the file you would like to rename and just enter the desired name.

Feel free to use variables and renderers to create the desired name for your attachments.

Google Apps Script

When I update a new script, does it refreshes automatically? Do I need to publish again? I am trying to refresh but it just won't refresh with the updated script

You have to create a new version (File -> Manage versions…), then publish (Publish -> Deploy as web app….) and make sure to select the latest version (= the one that you have just created).

When anyone has access to the Script to run, he will have access to the code or just the link to execute?

He will not have access to the script unless you share it on Google Drive with him.

Is it possible to authenticate the Scripts I created for all the users on my Domain?

No, unfortunately this is not supported by Google Apps Script. Each of the user running the script will need to open your Ultradoc and authenticate the script.

What kind of expression can be used in the map rows script?

You can use any JavaScript expression. Each column can be accessed by using the row prefix.

If you for example have a column called price you could then divide the price by 100 using this expression: row.price = row.price/100

[a]Only getting "Sorry, you need an invitation to join this private Community."

[b]How to confirm my credit card number  I registered?

Questions and Feedback

If you have any comments on this page, feel free to add suggestions right to the Google document that we are using to create this site.

If you are not yet member of the Ultradox community on Google+, please join now to get updates from our end or to provide feedback, bug reports or discuss with other users.

Last Updated: 9/14/22