Happy New Year 2018 ★

January 8th, 2018

2017 has been a great year for us! We would like to thank all of you who have been supporting Ultradox from the very beginning.

Let recap some big enhancements in the past year. A detailed list of new features and improvements can be found in the release notes.

More apps!

We have changed a lot under the hood to make it easier to add more service to Ultradox.

This helped us to import all available Google API's into Ultradox to provide you tons of new use cases.

Click on the Add more button in the sidebar to open the dialog that lets you pick from the list of available services.

You can search by name to track down the service you are looking for.

After adding the API to your account you will find all additional building blocks provided by this service right in the sidebar.

Lists Blocks

You will find a number of new building blocks in the Lists section that help you to filter, sort or process your lists in many ways.

No matter if your list is data loaded from a Google Sheet or a list of contacts loaded from your GMail address book or any data retrieved via one of the new services.

We have replaced the old Google Apps Script based  Table scripts by native building blocks to simplify common operations on tables and lists and to improve performance.

The big advantage is that you will find the correct output variables when sorting, filtering, grouping or joining lists.

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You can even merge data from different lists into a single list, e.g. adding additional info to your contacts from matching rows in a sheet.

JavaScript Block

We have improved the JavaScript integration in many ways.

Internally we have switched to a new JavaScript engine which provides more language features out of the box.

We have also added a completely new JavaScript block that not only provides better input and output variables, but also gives you nice syntax highlighting.

The JavaScript editor supports a fullscreen mode which will use the available space in your browser window to work on the code.

You can create input and output variables and then use the Create sample code button to get a working JavaScript code snippet as a starting point.

In many cases you want to use JavaScript to perform calculations or evaluate complex expressions on existing variables.

You will find a new JS button in the output variable section of all building blocks. Clicking on that button lets you check the variables you want to process and will then create a new script block with the matching input variables.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any comments on this page, feel free to add suggestions right to the Google document that we are using to create this site.

If you are not yet member of the Ultradox community on Google+, please join now to get updates from our end or to provide feedback, bug reports or discuss with other users.

Last Updated: 1/30/18